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Whoa nelly

In the past three days, I have:

  • Sung Karaoke for the first time (My selection was 99 Luftballoons and I apparently rocked the house in a clumsy, hyper way)
  • Ridden a cable car for the first time
  • Gotten fairly drunk without ill effect
  • Seen some amazing art at SfMoma
  • Walked and walked
  • Met a lot of strange and wondrous new people
  • Got soaked in a magnificent downpour
  • Slept less than usual
  • Had a terrible fight and an amiable make-up
  • Wept at the bittersweet hopeful fairytale beauty of Amelie
  • Watched a bellydancer as though in a trance
  • Went to the Lusty Lady for a special benefit event and used their restroom, watched some naked ladies and a DJ in the booth
  • Attracted the attention of weird people
  • lost, and then recovered my ATM card as a side effect of a really animated (haw haw no pun intended) conversation about Sealab 2021 with a shoe salesman
  • Laughed a lot
  • Experienced the ass-kicking poetry of postmaudlin and was overwhelmed when she smiled and said "I've got you in my Livejournal friends list!!" and signed my copy of her book.
  • Barely got to hang out or talk much with nihilistic_kid, who was crashing on my couch, but thought he was pretty cool anyhow
  • Got a couple more Gundam kits (NERD NERD NERD)
  • Looked at beautiful buildings and some amazing skies
  • Had a lot a lot of fun hanging around sugaree while she was visiting

so... yeah. I have had a very busy, fun time.

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