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this is.. amusing.

Cultural illiteracy or ironic posturing? YOU MAKE THE CALL!@
this is nihilistic_kid's Cultural Index -
and i've decided to take the bait.

(My preferences are the important, bolded halves of each pair.)

1. trail mix or giant bag of Halloween candy
2. Catch-22 or Something Happened
3. Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair
4. Biggie or Tupac
5. dim mak or heartpunch???
6. Sesame Street or The Electric Company
7. Broadway musicals or sitting in a dark room trying to find something, ANYTHING on the shortwave radio
8. Art School or Art Brut
9. Pepsi or Coke
10. Email or IM
11. D&D or World Of Darkness
12. Fine limited editions or free paperbacks you find in other people's garbage
13. ULA or Online Blowhard Jason Pettus
14. mime or card tricks
15. sweetheart scams or cold readings
16. carnies or exterminators
17. a candlelit vigil for tolerance held three miles away or storming the Klan rally and bustin' heads
18. ticket scalpers or hitmen
19. pimps or hos
20. ? And The Mysterions or Roky Erickson and The 13th Floor Elevators
21. Peter Tork or Mike Nesmith
22. Can we talk about this later or let's settle this right now
23. marrying well but lovelessly or living in a box and eating wire for supper
24. sushi or yakiniku- fuck that, it's all about zaru soba
25. white-people-in-danger horror or cosmic horror
26. Venom or Green Goblin (what, in a porn?)
27. Busby Berkeley or Bollywood
28. Shoot me when you get home or shoot me now
29. underconsumption or overproduction
30. sword and sorcery or elves-in-the-city
31. Michael Swanwick or Howard Waldrop (ignorant, vacant stare?)
32. become the media or fight the power
33. fried or grilled
34. red apples or green apples
35. late night talk or public access kooks
36. seeing it live or just staying home to avoid the lines
37. cotton candy or candy corn
38. pills or tussin
39. bus or subway
40. co-op or condo
41. tons of redrafting or just letting it spill out
42. These Colors Don't Run or Death To The Fascist Insect That Preys On The Life Of The People
43. emo or indie
44. goth is cool or goth is what nerds think is cool (and nerds are cool)
45. spending an afternoon in a cafe nursing a hot drink or napping on a couch
46. mind over matter or matter in motion
47. "no spoilers!" or "And here's where he sees the Statue of Liberty..."
48. good money or fast money
49. doing your work or posting to lj
50. Britney Spears or Northern State (homoerotic filk)

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