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o my stars and garters~!

Yes, there are photos, not yet not yet, swimming head, museum head, pre-over-hung.

ooh horrors cope

i met people! my performance was described as "eloquent," "amusing" and "threatening". I was flattered in at least a half dozen other instances by several people i'd just met. Unexpectedness, overstimulation in a welcome, nice way... All good warm stuff, monkey noises, a tasty punch Vanilla Skyy, apricots, strawberries, chocolate. WTF where did I go right?

SCORPIO October 23-November 21
As Mars and the sun do a powerhouse number in your fame sector, you demand to be appreciated. At the very least you'll be noticed. Meanwhile, Jupiter waves a wand in your friendship house --the old "who you know" thing -- while the full moon illuminates work done at home. No, it will not be a boring week. And you should come out of it in a better place than you went in.

Of course... More detailed smacktalk later. Bitches best befriending me back, yo. Now that we've thrown gangsigns an' all.

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