caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

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Pathetic confession...

Lately, instead of thinking, or painting, studying Japanese, indulging in psychoactive pharmaceuticals, travelling to far-off lands, fucking, or doing much of anything, I've been playing video games. "Chick" games. Addictive, obsessive-compulsive habit-forming video games. Gahahhh!!

So yeah, as reported by nihilistic_kid in his recent entry, I do indeed have a houseguest. I'm not very good at that. More so lately. I'm being a bitter old hermit these days, and i'm not very friendly. I did some laundry and washed the dishes and vacuumed around the livingroom, though, to try to be a proper hostess.

S'time for sleep, what with dawn creeping up on me.

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