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Just some clutter

This weekend was good.
I was feeling creative and I created things.
And had ideas for more things.
And other things.
And... Yeah.

Sadly, the Beautiful Losers opening was Sold The Hell Out,
and I missed my friend's first stint as the new lead singer for
Erase Errata. Boo! Still, it's amazing that an art event attracted
so much attention. All around the Yerba Buena Center, OBEY
stencils and stickers have erupted like spring blossoms. Heheh.
Take that, SOMA.

Saw a Big Budget Action-Packed Mainstream movie. Sam Raimi
was rocking the house.
Thought about love.
Drank Mango Juice.
Danced! Got Salty.
Made funny noises, laughed a lot.
Somehow managed to get few important things done.

Copacetic is a nice word.

I spent a long time reading Vice today.
The Vice Guide to Finding Yourself haahaha!
[ Vice Photo ] what the hell is going down in the gene pool?!!! Dang.

The \\
Last Cigarette:Djarum Vanilla, roughly 2pm.
Last Alcoholic Drink:Last week... djdigit made me something called a Parisian Blonde.
Last Car Ride:this morning, sleep deprived, with djdigit
Last Kiss:Same.
Last Good Cry:Good cry? Maybe 3 weeks ago?
Last Library Book:I'll say last book borrowed, Neil Gaiman, American Gods
Last book bought:comix
Last Book Read:How to be an Adult by Richo
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Spiderman 2, yesterday
Last Movie Rented:hm. Netflixes I never return.
Last Cuss Word Uttered:Shitmonkey, cooed lovingly at Rollokitty
Last Beverage Drank:Water
Last Food Consumed:Little Debbie Brownie (America's favorite or something)
Last Crush:I crush out every 12 seconds. Now i'm crushing on Chromeo.
Last Phone Call:Called to check my voicemail. Didn't have any.
Last TV Show Watched:News.
Last Time Showered:Late last night.
Last Shoes Worn:Really unreasonably tall platform flipflops with neon green plastic and fishnet straps.
Last CD Played:Valley Girl soundtrack
Last Item Bought:Big Blue Stompy Tank Girl Boots
Last Download:Some wack music from 55DSL
Last Annoyance:The Cedarchip smell.
Last Disappointment:friendships.
Last Soda Drank:Mountain Dewww
Last Thing Written:Some kind words for some art dweeb.
Last Key Used:. or uh, my gate key.
Last Words Spoken:Whoa, no way!! Hahaha!
Last Sleep:Fitful, and i need a nap!
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Oreo cookie sandwich klondike thing. TASTY.
Last Chair Sat In:That one over there behind me.
Last Webpage do's and don'ts awww yesh.

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