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call me content-provider

I took some pfotographs of the sunset tonight...

houston, we have a problem...
Can you handle the scenery? click for more images.

and they look stunning to me when they're turned upside down, so nyeah.

Today was peachy-keen... djdigit and I made our way over to S.C.R.A.P (Scroungers' Center For Reusable Art Parts) and found all sorts of fun, bizarre stuff, much of it bound for the desert madness of burninating the man. Highlights of our scrounging: two TRAUMA TEAM bunnysuits (replete with face masks, gloves and face shields) and some really amusing thick black foam mats with circles cut out of them. Who knows what sort of mischief we will get up to next!

Hum hum. I'm bleeding and somewhat lethargic, but in a reasonable mood. I'm concerned about foundsound's sudden ABOLITION of his journal... Tsk. Why do people do that? What's up?

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