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riddle me this

Ah weird I stole this quiz from foundsound like a month ago and forgot all about it, so here, i'll post the damned thing.

Thirteen random things you like:
01. the smell of wet sand after the rain
02. fog and drizzle
03. long lazy mornings in bed
04. feeling capable
05. vanilla Djarums
06. derwent watercolor pencils
07. diet Dr. Pepper
08. my name
09. cosmetics
10. uv-glow things
11. sketchbooks
12. pretending to be a moron
13. memories

Twelve movies:
01. Liquid Sky
02. The Wall
03. Henry and June
04. Pink Flamingos
05. Chung King Express
06. Slacker
07. Blue Velvet
08. Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
09. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
10. Rear Window
11. The Tin Drum
12. Forbidden Zone (oh hell yes)

Eleven good bands/artists:
01. Squarepusher
02. Kristin Hersh
03. Morphine
04. Foetus
05. Swayzak
06. ohGr
07. AK 1200
08. Zoot Woman
09. Autechre
10. Death in June
11. Boards of Canada

Ten things about you:
01. I'm smarter than I let on
02. I'm obsessed with sex
03. I'm passionate and fixate on people
04. I care more than I let on
05. I've got no family ties and consider my friends a sort of sick extended family
06. I'm really in need of some structure in lieu of a stable support network
07. I feel like i'm a bit of a hopeless case sometimes
08. I feel like i'm capable of brilliance and chock full of potential
09. I'm drifting through life
10. I want to be liked and to like people more than I should

Nine people you want to spend more time with:
01. djdigit
02. Christian
03. Archie
04. dfors
05. a1mz
06. thebarbed1
07. Jon
08. deadlittlebunny
09. Joel

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01. Thai Iced Tea
02. Curry Udon
03. Soft Boiled Eggs the way my Grandfather made them
04. Smoked Oysters
05. Goulash
06. Pear Juice
07. Mint Chip Ice cream
08. Tuna Melts a la djdigit

Seven things you wear daily:
01. Glasses
02. a Skirt (on rare occasions, a dress)
03. Black tights
04. Deodorant
05. Piercings
06. A bra or something
07. Clinique Happy Heart

Six things that annoy you:
01. Willfully stupid people
02. I seem to smell acrid hideous smells nobody else can
03. A lot of things about mass media and popular culture
04. Being misinterpreted, dicked around and taken advantage of
05. My flakiness
06. People who can't adapt or integrate

Five things you touch everyday:
01. The flesh of my unwilling victims
02. My camera
03. My hair
04. My wacom tablet/stylus/laptop/desktop computer
05. My nether regions

Four shows you watch:
...I don't keep up with the tv no more but I used to actively watch & enjoy:
01. Simpsons
02. Frontline
03. the Sopranos
04. The Family Guy

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
01. JG Thirlwell
02. Trey Parker
03. Alan Cumming

Two people on Friendster that you have kissed:
01. oh, um, my boyfriend, doi
02. Jeez, two? funk dat, I'm all about kissing and telling, so... This mouth-breathing troglodyte somehow charmed his way in to my panties and to this day, more than a decade hence, he lists my full name on a webpage of his ex girlfriends, yikes! Also, this boy, another boy, my ex, one of my best friends, omg this guy rated me a 5 star kisser, he was underage! I am so naughty, chup was a wacky boyfriend, smoochiez 4 gurlz too, who hasn't kissed this monkey?

One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
01. Myself.


Nasty Habits
You are a pervert, and tend to get a little excited
over the things other people are scared
of...Rock On!
Nasty Habits - All those nasty little things that
we don't dicuss publicly.

Which Oingo Boingo Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Who reads your LJ the most?
LJ Username
Biggest fan xriotgrrrlx

Things i want to do in the coming weeks:
July 3 (yo that's TOMORROW, captain science!!) PLANET OF THE DRUMS... with some other rooms with different stuff too

July 16: Beautiful Losers opening night party at Yerba Buena wow... Anyone with me?

also on the same night, but going ALL damned night, is ENGAGE! At Kelly's Mission Rock. ENGAGE! The last KMR event i went to was Infuse, and that was fairly awesome, so i'm game for more.

...Tonight, though, I'm going to Assimilate. Dancing, dorkiness and drinking may all occur.

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