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drinking Golden Monkey

Everyday I get to wake up to bad 80's hair bands. Not by choice, mind you. The German landlord and his weird drunken Czech handyman have some mysterious, ongoing construction/destruction project going on in the basement below my room. That's noisy and awful but it's not the worst of it. The real anguish comes from their constant stream of awful 80's hairband power ballads and creepy metal crappy crap. Vince, the drunken Czech, loves to sing along and accompany the music with bizarre, atonal whistling and random hoots and screams of "ALLLLRAAAIIIIIGHT!" or "FREEEEEDOM!!!" I'm dying to record it for posterity, and i'm considering buying a minidisc recorder and some nice microphones to do so.

I finally slept last night, but not as long as I'd have liked to since I woke up to the nutter butters downstairs. My schedule is so strange, though, that I haven't got a valid reason to complain. Whine, yes! Today, I think I'm going to go buy some weirdo chinese herbs.

I miss making mix tapes.

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