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Like djdigit mentioned, like like burninating the PLAYA.

We're going to Burning Man, and while I have very nearly gone on a few occasions, this is my first. Which makes me, orthogonally, the timid frightened virgin. We're camping with seasoned burner types, thankfully, who have passed along advice and wisdom, which I will disregard until the very last minute, in favor of the more entertaining, fun aspects of planning - Such as gathering materials for my EL-wire and cyber/armor festooned Space Valkyrie costume.

And speaking of Valkyrie costumes... This Random boob-loving Livejournal post came up in a (mostly fruitless) search for variations on the valkyrie winged helm - I decided against going with the Wagner-styled horned furry Valkyrie. Sorry. Though I may still pay homage to Wagner while doffing my cap-- er, helm to Kubrick by riding my bicycle around blasting the Ride of the Valkyrie like some sort of Ironic Gesture.

I'm going to attempt to get Things done today, like boring stuff: New phone, replace clippers, fix camera. And fun stuff: hang out with friendses, go to Pearl and price and buy supplies, go to game store with foundsound and whatever else. Looks like Satan Cruz tomorrow. Gave myself a nice cozy 2-day window. I hope things all come together.

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