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i am stardust?

metaphorge posted something and I clicked it, and now look at what a mess I made! It's like Oh, surely they ARE talking about ME because it's all glowing praise!

Your personal ruling planets are Mars and Venus.

You are without a doubt a person of strong magnetic presence and will always be at your best when in the company of the other sex.

Your dramatic flair and larger than life gestures attract the attention of those around you and result in your being considered the life of the party.

You are a very devoted family person and loyal to the needs of loved ones. You adhere to the principles of domestic life and the needs of children too.

In matters of finance, you are very capable in stretching a dollar and always appear to be well to do even if you're scratching. Venus being your ruler grants you exceptional taste and refinement in your life choices and attire too!

Music, art and literature will always be an important ingredient of your life!

Your lucky colours are white and cream, rose and pink.

Your lucky gems are diamond, white sapphire or quartz crystal.

Your lucky days of the week Friday, Saturday, Wednesday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change(???) are 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78.

'Famous' people born on your birthday include Moss Hart, Sonny Terry, Jimmy "Fast Fingers"Dawkins, Kevin Kline, Caprice Bourret, Catherine Sutherland and Monica Arnold.

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