caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

butt shaft
Function: noun
: a target arrow without a barb

shaft v 1. to steal. ("He shafted my pen") Submitted by Jacki Stockinger, Kimball, MN, 11-03-1998.
booty-cheddar n 1. nonsense; BULL-SHIT. ("He was spittin' booty-cheddar.") Submitted by Cari P, Union, NJ, USA, 06-10-2001.
bounce v 1. to leave. ("This party is whack! Let's bounce.") Submitted by C. M., PA, USA, 20-10-1997.
ghetto booty n 1. extremely large buttocks. ("She had a ghetto booty.") Submitted by Justin Nathonson, Dallas, TX, USA, 26-11-2002.
spaz n 1. a person who often acts in an irrational or spontaneous fashion. -v 1. to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure.
spaz out v 1. to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure.
spich adj 1. so weird that it can't even be described. ("You are acting so spich.") Submitted by Paul Jacobs, 27-01-1998.
tore up adj 1. extremely drunk.
tor up adj 1. inebriated.

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