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Something I said to someone I know.

Dude, omg, this rocks.

I like it when this shit happens for people, and they're all "HOLY SHIT" about it. When you step back, you see all these scared shitless people running around in circles. Humanity is so fucked up, it's beautiful.

Take a risk. Risk everything. Risk is the only way to test yourself, make sure you are really, truly alive. There is pain at the end of everything, and the worst that could happen often does but you know what? Fucking hell, it's all there is. I mean, i'm babbling, fine whatever, but the only real thing you have is now and the decisions you make define who you are from moment to moment, so be the ballsy punk rock motherfucker you'll look back and admire, not the cautious tool letting fear own his every motivation. Or whatever. I think the only thing really worth knowing is how to connect and communicate with others, so I'm a little retarded.

And now back to your regularly scheduled cynical Kamio
I can totally see where you're coming from on the kids issue. I don't want children, and I never have. I don't see that changing, and I think I would be a horrible parent so it's all for the best. I have great admiration for this pearl of wisdom which dropped from the lips of a new friend last week as we picked purposefully through a rack of skimpy $1 underwear in a factory-2-U store:
Me: (responding to a young, totally disinterested, glassy-eyed mother who completely ignored her WAILING, SHRIEKING, HIDEOUS baby as she wandered through the store) "Why do people have children? I mean, honestly, do they feel like the HAVE to?"
My Friend, without missing a beat: "I'd rather have a tapeworm."

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