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Still raining. Hey! A survey! Glee.

I stole this survey thing from nihilistic_kid. You should steal from him too.

[Spell your name backwards] sdrawkcab eman ruoy (i am a funny one oh ho!)

[Where do you live?] "NoPa"/Eastern Subtraction/Hayes/Fillmore/San Francisco.

[Describe yourself in three words] Kind of Lazy.

[Who is your worst enemy?] I don't consciously make enemies but people sometimes make an enemy of me... Wait, maybe that one girl who stole a bunch of my favorite albums back in 1990 when she sublet my room. Yeah. That bitch!

[If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?] Maybe a cool little Om from Fantastic Planet. That would be cool!

[coffee cup] Either a paper cup from the Beanbag cafe next door or whatever is clean. I've been drinking a lot of Japanese canned coffees lately, boy-howdy.

[sunglasses] I've been meaning to get Prescription sunglasses, but otherwise I don't wear sunglasses. Just the usual kind of glasses.

[underwear] Under where?! Oh right, under there. Black tights, black skivvies.

[shoes] I'm currently in my stocking feet! Kicked my wet shoes off when I got home.

[nail polish] None.

[handbag] I use a weird little Clive utility bag to hold my bus pass, cash, camera, aspirin, lipstick and cel phone. I am READY FOR ANYTHING with this bag plus it looks like it's got padded armor on the front. It screws up my neck though, because I wear it slung over one shoulder, so I have to alternate shoulders.

[favourite top] Black long-sleeved t-shirt with weird Japanese Kanji stuff down the sleeves and a spedometer and other dashboard instruments printed on the chest. And what's with spelling it "favourite"?

[favourite pants] Long black skirt.

[cd in stereo right now] OK Computer by Radiohead, but i'm not listening to that.

[tattoos] Three, all done by me. I'm planning a bigger professional tattoo.

[piercings] 6 in my left ear, 6 in my right, with big metal 2 gauge eyelets in my earlobes with big chunky 10ga. rings in them. They rattle and clink. 2 hoops in my right nostril.

[current song] "We Love Dancing" by Arling and Cameron.

[wearing] Black skirt, black stockings, black OBEY t-shirt with a red/orange Andre the Giant star on the chest, lego watch, glowy bindi, glasses.

[hair] Needs cutting, nice color though, deep magenta/purple. Kind of untidy from running around in the rain.

[makeup] some glittery crap and excessive black liquid eyeliner.

[in my head] The buzz of several unceremonious tequila shots and white russians.

[hearing] Joel sneezing.

[wishing] I had a studio.

[after this] Practicing hiragana, drinking water, then sleep.

[talking to] Joel.