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don't dye here

Got Skinny Puppy tickets and bleach and dye. Hung out with Randy, of all things. We went to Taco Bell, of all places. I think we're friendly again. Cool.

I was way too sleepy to consider House of Voodoo, but I hope it ruled just the same...

I'm chilling out in djdigit's loft, both of our heads liberally coated with our respective hairdyes of choice. Heh. My color is a mixture of Manic Panic New Rose and Cotton Candy Pink with Special Effects' Atomic Pink and Virgin Rose. And a wee bit of Cupcake Pink, too. Not a bad pinky magenta! I did D's hair a combination of Special Effects' Iguana Green and Fish Bowl with some Manic Panic Blue color I can't remember, but it blends nicely, and the whole effect is like a Monet print of sunlight filtered through trees on to a luridly saturated pond, or something. Perty.

Does anyone else remember those awesome undertaker posters in Laundromats that said "Don't DYE Here"?

I really want one of those.

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