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Ascending, 10pm-4am :) sponsored by freakin' REDBULL.

Tonight, i'm going to Ascension 04, at 1015. Niiice. Hybrid goes on around 11:30, and there are holy crap like 5 rooms. Should be able to find something I like in there, huh? I mean, yay Hybrid & Lorin will rule, but I want new loudness! Should be able to find some.

Too bad djdigit has to call it an early night an' all, it looks like it's going to be pretty engaging and entertaining throughout the wee hours.

Me, i'm lazing around, nyah nyah still waking up, nyah.

Also, this weekend, I'm going to dye djdigit's hair Turquoise! Holy moly, i'm a baaad influence. ;)

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