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Learning things

I'm getting pretty good at reading and writing Hiragana, and i'm inching along in Katakana, and i'm starting to be able to form little sentences like "denwa wo taberu" (i eat the phone) and other great useless phrases. It's cool, i'm really enjoying learning something so different from my normal interests. I'm getting a leg up on taking elementary Japanese next semester ayup ayup. Earlier today I went to Kinokuniya, the big rad Japanese bookstore. I've been using these really simple huge flashcards that are essentially for little Japanese kids ~4 years old or so, combined with really supercute children's activity books and whatnot. I grabbed some more flashcards, and as I was heading out of the store I was surprised to find a whole OTHER section devoted strictly to non-native speakers trying to learn Japanese. Here i'd been scrounging around in the children's corner all this time - DUR-HEY. Well, anyhow, I found lots of stuff to look at. So that's going pretty well.

I'm getting a little bit melancholy with the holidays approaching, but i've got tentative plans to get together with my closest orphaned friends to do something cool, don't know what yet. I bought a bunch of christmas cards even though i'm jewish and an atheist, just some cute cartoony pap to send out to people my mom knew and just say that... you know, thanks or something... I don't know yet. I've never really been the sort to send cards. I think I should do it, though. I've been having this sort of urge to bake cookies and get domestic and stuff. I should probably be medicated.

I applied for admission to school, and I sent off some important paperwork, and I set up an appointment to go see a lawyer. My bills are paid, i'm doing okay for now. I'm not in debt, actually people owe me money, which is kind of reassuring. Life is okay for now. I have only one of my many 2001 New Year's resolutions yet to fufill. I guess things could be a lot worse.

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