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Weekend graving

I took photos at Infusion: A Tribal Odyssey - Here's a blurb about wtf it was...

SWANKY raise tha roof i'm a big goddamned dork colors and swirling! tha LUV boat
shiny happ-e boyfriend reflections on the water happy dancey huggy green blur brushing by
A dj named mous who chatted me up my glowysmiling slampiece and an etarded trio token 'goths' dj grab

and NO THEY DON'T LINK ANYWHERE YET. Ha. I am kruel. But they need to be optimizized.
The weekend was really nice, and fun fun fun. I apparently like Darkstep, Trip-Hop, Trancestep, Techstep, Glitchcore, DNB, Synthcore, and whatever dude. Ha. Techno is silly. Electronic music is how I define most of my tastes.

ooh, yay, the mvgalleries pics are up. NOW I SEE IF I MADE THE CUT. Hey it's DJ Smoove, the cool dark kids, omg no way, there we are inna background! Damn. I thought I was sneakier than that! Ah well. Now to optimize. Sigh.

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