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Pictures are like Stories...

Everyone always wants to see my photos but nobody can remember the convoluted URL to get there, so I'll just post about updates when I get around to them, ok! So, for starters we have: tonight's photograffy, and photograffy from last week, some random photos from march and a special gallery of images i like bestest.

I need a new web hosting situation. I feel bad for taking so much bandwidth and space on the milkycat servers at my friend Xep's house. It's also pokey. But it's good enough for now.

Had a stomach ache most of the day, which prevented ADVENTURING. Eventually it subsided somewhat, and I was Bored To Tears. Went out wandering with foundsound this evening around Haight. I got some new cds, a blacklight bulb, FOUND magazine and some nachos. Not bad.

I need a "real" website. huh. And other things.

I've got more to write, a lot to think, and my stomach still hurts. Gooooooo.

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