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Yeah and screw April Fool's Day, too

Wow I haven't said much, or had much to say. Or at least I'm not using this as a medium to say it... So, in recent news: I have a hangnail that's pissing me off, I feel like I need to reconnect with some people and remove others from my world. Tuesday I was able to spend some quality time with a good friend, foundsound and we walked around downtown, took a lot of photos, talked a lot, and watched Lost in Translation. I cried for a few hours as a result of Bill Murray's delivery of the line, "You're not hopeless." Obviously I would like to believe that I am as well, I would like to hear that, really hear it. Writing this, tears rolling down my cheeks without any real sadness connected; just a strange emptiness, dread, malaise... I need to buy a thesaurus...

Well, okay, so i'm a mess. I don't deny it. I don't think I'm the unpleasant kind of mess, though.

Someone I never met was gunned down by police on Tuesday. To quote the Butthole Surfers, Strangers Die Every Day but, this time the person in question was only 1 degree removed. It sends a sort of cosmic shiver up my spine, and I have a lot of empathy for the people left behind, but all in all, I was shocked at my lack of compassionate outrage. I'm more upset about it now, thinking about how unnecessary and destructive this entire situation was.
"white linen on your back
black secrets on your mind
a past you tried to hide
and a life you left behind

The pastel days and neon nights
the guilty hearts and alibis,
the streets run red on Ocean drive
but can our love survive?

I've seen too many of the wrong men die
for stealing their dreams and buying time
in your eyes I saw the rising sun,
and still I sold my soul for a badge and a gun

Time for another one of those "fearless and searching Moral Inventories," I guess. nyeah. The world is still roughly where it was last time I thought about such nonsense. What's the point?

At least I'm creatively charged, to some extent, lately. Nothing shines, though.

The landlord's helper monkeys will be tearing my bathrooms apart here in SF, so i'm considering not bothering with being around for such noise and inconvenience. ROOOOOAD TRIIIP? Igh I wish I drove.

Pathetic Random Poetry Generator by PurpleAnkh
TitleScrew It
Line 1Run away, little scared girl,
Line 2I am too mean to cry.
Line 3Please me, I am yours,
Big FinishRip my heart apart.
Your Name Here
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

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