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Ichi ni san *PHLEGM*

( please note: this entry was started and cast aside several evenings hence, so just pretend it's tuesday, i'm watching Ichi the Killer and cursing absent lasagna )
Tonight, though I am seriously suffering some kind of flu/cold/SARS/AIDS thing, I innocently ventured out to the corner to snatch up the weekly SFBGuardian deliverance- I have a thing about getting a copy just after the truck drives off, I don't know why- I made some serious scores - street finds - The beginning of the month is ripe for curb junk, it's moving day for someone, some unknown neighbor with kitschy taste, stuffed animals and lots of shoes -- and all my size! Woot! I snagged some brand new wedgey barfo burgundy job-interview shoes but... The best thing I scored was a pair of awesome blue adidas-style roller skate sneakers. Holy moses are these things the bomb. I have no idea where I'll go skating, they're impossibly heavy and awkward but Oh, The Memories!

The other awesome item I cannot explain my enthusiasm over is the creepy travel-agency styled HAWAII pencil-holder/doll/knick-knack throwback. I have no idea why this cow-eyed tropical babydoll iconography appeals to me, but it somehow speaks to me, and always has.

I also dug out a brilliant and very entertaining book, "Roadside America." It's been a much-needed ray of sunshine cutting through the bleakness of influenza and enuii around here. pippilina is also sickly (as is everyone, it seems) and we've lightened the dreary bleagh convalescence somewhat by gaping in awe at the many fantastic and exotic destinations our Great Nation has to offer. It's unfortunate that we're both stricken with SARSAIDS but at least we've gotten some quality whining and coughing time together. Heh.
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For actual, real-time updates, check back later. I'm bored, sick, and idle.