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The Gay Marriage Furor is completely beyond me. I'm avoiding the news again. My own feelings on the issue are clearly defined, and I don't need to be reminded of how backwards, uneducated and hateful most of the US population really is. It's distressing. Our elected officials, moronic as they're proving themselves to be, are basically pretty accurate Representations of The People as well as Representatives of The People.

  • I found this photograph utterly charming. Found it among a batch of images titled Justly Married

  • I found another Same Sex Marriage photo gallery on SFGate but what really caught my eye was a headline I spotted:
    • Governor fears unrest unless same-sex marriages are halted
      Schwarzenegger said on NBC's "Meet the Press'' that he fears worsening protests about the divisive issue and worries the situation could get out of hand if courts don't quickly stop the marriages, which are being performed in defiance of existing state law.

      "All of a sudden, we see riots, we see protests, we see people clashing. The next thing we know, there is injured or there is dead people. We don't want it to get to that extent,'' the Republican said in his first appearance as governor on a Sunday talk show.
      [Gavin] Newsom, appearing on CNN's "Late Edition" on Sunday, defended his decision against critics, saying he has an obligation to fairness.

      "It's about human beings," he said. "It's about human dignity. It's about advancing and affirming marriage in a unique bond and relationship. It's about, I think, holding truth, faith and allegiance to the constitution." </a>

    I never thought i'd be praising Newsom, but then again I never honestly thought Schwarzenegger would be Governor.


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    Feb. 23rd, 2004 10:21 am (UTC)
    "When are people going to learn democracy doesn't work!" - Homer Simpson
    Feb. 23rd, 2004 01:55 pm (UTC)
    The next thing we know, there is injured or there is dead people.

    Ba ha ha hhahahahahahhahaaahaaa oh dear god

    All those married people are gonna take up guns and monster trucks, and KICK SOME ASS!! woOOOOO the governator knows things
    Feb. 23rd, 2004 02:54 pm (UTC)
    THEY IS?!
    Feb. 23rd, 2004 03:05 pm (UTC)
    Yeah and it's gonna be HELL ON EARTH, MAAAAAN

    Like, the protesters enter the arena as their theme music plays, and there's fireworks, and then they bash each other with folding chairs

    Is it impolite of me to say, "Thank goodness I left Cali"? ;)
    Feb. 23rd, 2004 08:21 pm (UTC)
    I got out.

    that's my new catch-phrase... and i'm stick'n to it
    ( 5 uh-ohs — Make a mess )