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So yesterday's festivities were pretty interesting! I didn't really know what to expect, I don't know this group of people very well at all, so I overcompensated by bringing a lot of food with me; Japanese chocolate-filled Koala cookie snacks which went over well and freaked people out, Salvadorean pastries and cookies, Soda, Vodka and Red Bull as well as a big huge bowl of Pasta Salad.

I had a pretty good time, and I'd met a few of the other guests before at parties and shows and things around the city so I didn't feel totally out of place. The scene there is primarily a somewhat older group of weirdos who have lived in San Francisco for at least 10 years or so, they're fiercely liberal, hate yuppies, do a lot of thrift store shopping and seem to worship bad movies and Devo. They're very intense about their iconoclastic extroversion. They're performers. Of course, I could be wrong. The house where this event was hosted is amazing, though, kind of a crazy Pee Wee's Playhouse with ducks and a lot of blue stuff. Lots and lots of toys. I was afraid of knocking things over. The basement/garage is all tricked out with movie theatre seats and couches, a screen and a video projector, where they do weekly bad film screenings and make cocktails.

My boyfriend and I went with Caity and her husband, which was kind of strange. They got really drunk really early on in the afternoon and started behaving strangely. I got the distinct impression that the hostess and several of the other guests were very uncomfortable with them, and as an extension of that, uneasy about Joel and I. I feel bad for thinking this, but I almost wish I hadn't gone with them because now I'll always be associated with them. I think Joel was kind of shy and bored a lot, which kind of sucks, but we wound up splitting a bit early, before they got around to watching Escape from New York, which was probably a little bit rude. We hiked through the unfamiliar neighborhood and wound up finding a bus stop, and got on a bus with the words "Nowhere in Particular" on the front.

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