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Escape from New York Thanksgiving

So, this year i'm not going to spend Thanksgiving with the little family I have left. I'm going to spend it with about 20 friends and strangers and weirdos, having a totally Turkey-Free meal and watching Escape from New York. It feels a little strange doing something totally different after 28 fairly typical family Thanksgivings, but I'm not all morose about it. I cooked up a big gnarly asiago-romano peppery pasta salad to take along, and we're all going to drink Manhattans all day. It's a theme party, and from the tone of the invite, it should be hilarious fun.

Buy Nothing Day

Friday, tomorrow, is Buy Nothing Day, and I'm going to join in the fun, halting all consumer spending for 24 hours. Today, though, i'm going to get tanked up.