caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

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  •   djdigitmy slampiece is sick!  With SARSAIDS, so no kissin' shucks

  •   I didn't get chocolates or flora or sheep's hearts damnit

  •   I loaned dforsa friend Valentine's Day supplies; handcuffs, blindfold, riding crop etc.

  •   I love that I'm the person all my friends seem to turn to for borrowing bondage gear.

  •   Just as long as nobody gets arrested it's aight by me.

  •   I don't know why I made this into a bulleted list, I just like them.

Um oh, okay <3 hugs <3, kidneybeans:

*hugz so far!*
give caffeina more *HUGS* because she is so pitiful.

[ Get hugs of your own ]

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