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sweet Bonobo snoggin'

djdigitMy boyfriend and I wound up inadvertently having a really fancy schmancy romancey date last night... We ditched our tentative plans to go dancing at Qool and decided to just take it easy and hang out a little. Sounded like a nice snuggly mellow time, which suited me fine.

I was almost ready when djdigit showed up all sweet-smelling and snappily-dressed, carrying a goofy-mushy gift, which completely took me by surprise -
squeeeeeeeee [ yeah ok it came from starbucks but iz cute still, damnit!! ]
you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find prince dorking

We'd talked about going for Sake cocktails and dinner at Fly, but I suggested that we go check out Tsunami Sushi and Sake, a new place, instead. That was a stroke of PURE GENIUS! It was much schwinkier than I would have expected, and the sushi/sashimi was insanely tasty. We got to sample some really excellent Junmai Daiginjo "Honjikomi Kamoizumi" sake, which we agreed was the best tasting drink EVAR. There was a misprint or something, too, and the menu listed it as Kamiozumi, which had me all excited. Just the same, YUM.

I also had a sake cocktail that was vairy naaaaice, but my selection was based entirely on the name, "Monkey Screw" because, hey, MONKEY plus SCREW. How could you go wrong? We both got fairly tipsy over our Hon Maguro, Toro and Suzuki, and to make matters worse, they gave us a complimentary bottle of warm sake with our Mochi balls. Naturally we drank that too, and started getting all lewd and boisterous and they kicked us out.

Okay so they didn't kick us out, we left of our own volition. And then we popped back to mine, pet kitties and snogged a while (yum) and all in all, wow awesome. My slamp is the coolest.
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