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Saturday and I actually went and did weekend-like things. Strange!

I went to the land of the tourists today, down to Pier 39, which can be fairly horrific, depending on your mood. I was mostly hungry and starved for video game entertainment when I got down there, so I was more amused than afraid. While I ate lunch overlooking the Sea Lion docks, a bunch of very purposeful divers with big cartoony nets were flopping in to the water to bother the Sea Lions, harrassing them away from specific docks. This caused the Sea Lions to dive off and erupt in a great barking cacophony, which was pretty entertaining. I don't know why they were doing this, but I guess there are people whose job it is to be official Sea Lion Hasslers.

One of the only video arcades in San Francisco is down on pier 39, and I played several games of Skee Ball and won a bunch of tickets and traded them in for some fine prizes: tiny handcuffs (20 tickets!), a heart-shaped padlock (10 tickets!) and a little whistley kazoo thingy (3 tickets!). They had no 1-ticket spider rings. Damn them. Anyhow it was fun, today.

My life has been a little dull lately. Leonids tonight. I might go find a spot without too many lights and go see some.


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Nov. 17th, 2001 10:05 pm (UTC)
Perhaps there's a link between the shady sea lion wranglers and the lack of spider rings....

Coincidence, or something more???
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