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Decompression compensation

I have a lot more wakefulness in me than I should have. My house is freezing without human inhabitants, good god y'all! My hands are ICE. The chill is partly to blame, but aside from that, I have a very full mind buzzing with hyperspazocity. I feel like I should be having a deep heartfelt conversation with someone, but I'm always the insomniac when everyone else is warm and sleeping. Bastards!
(note: pippilina saved the day by showing up on MSN! ROCK! OVER! SAARBRUECKEN!)

I spent 5 days with djdigit, and it was really relaxing and freeform. Kind of a cool new vibe. With the long holiday weekend at our disposal, we devolved quickly in to a couple of debauched nocturnal geeks, which felt remarkably refreshing. Sunday, we had to set an alarm for noon/noon-thirty in a special effort to wake up "early" in order to browse both Leather Etc. and Stormy Leather for appropriate attire for our planned New Year's Eve bacchanalian revelery at Debaucherama. djdigit found a few choice accessories to add to his arsenal, and then I broke down and got a new corset. It's pink leather/patent black, and really needs to break in a bit before I wear it out. I tried it out for an hour or so (Photos later) and no kidding around, it's a serious piece of apparel. I felt a little woozy after taking it off. Yeah, sweet. I'm such a throwback!

I returned home to my house tonight to find it spooky, dark, bitterly cold and filled with the wrath of two bored, socially starved cats. Nary a housemate to be seen. The cats are now My Best Friends Ever but they're clearly suffering post-traumatic holiday seperation anxiety.

Still awake. My sleep cycles are totally and completely wack. The weather turned sour and wickedly wintry and i'm mostly okay with that, except for having no heat.

Final piece of news: My Coolpix 885 is utterly and undeniably dead. I was never terribly sentimentally attached to this one, at least. Just the same, I need to deal with my cameralessness. Time for a 'real' camera. Something prosumer. This time, I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND. Raarrr. I'm hoping to be able to keep the same camera in working order for at least 365 days, for a change. haw!

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