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Posterchild, posting!&^#

The last few days have been nice. Very relaxed, freeform, no stress. A mini vacation from my usual, uh, high-stress, energy intensive schedule. Heh. I am a kidder!

I've been more artistically productive recently, and I'm trying to become a little more disciplined about my creative endeavors. That has meant forcing myself, inspiration or no, to just make things. Doodles, messy paintings, sketches, photographs. Just making images, it's nothing to be afraid of, or intimidated by. Sheesh!

I have a tiny sample of some of my art up in my gallery, incidentally.

That reminds me of a book I never finished reading, Art and Fear co-authored by one of my more influential photography instructors, Ted Orland. Order your copy today, you shameless consumer!!

I really like This photo (nudity alert!) of his. Why is western art almost entirely about the female nude? Why is my own work largely comprised of the female form? Hm. Eeenteresting.

Kind of went off on a tangent there, dint I. Let's see. What else... New year coming, apparently! OMFG! Time to go nuts! djdigit mentioned our SINFUL SHAMEFUL DIRTY plans for New Year's Eve in a recent post already, but apparently we're going to debauch ourselves in to oblivion to ring in 2004. Sounds alright to me, boy howdy.

In case everyone's not yet entirely disgusted and weary from hearing all the sordid details about my slampiece adventures, here. Also, here. Yegods, we are revoltin'. ;)

Aside from all that, I'm in good spirits. Hanging with D, drinking a Midori Melonball (my god but it's sugary!) while we (meaning djdigit tries to get my laptop working and hooked up to his network. CHILLIN'. It's nice. Yay.

ps. I thought that this horoscope was kind of interesting given my recent thoughts about friend-neglect and whatnot:

SCORPIO October 23-November 21

It's tempting to blow off a troubled sibling or friend. But this is getting to be a bad habit. People need you. And you need to be needed.


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Dec. 27th, 2003 12:35 am (UTC)
Just looked through your gallery of art. I would love to see more! It's hard to get an impression from just a few images, but it's inspiring nonetheless. I get a similar feeling from some of your mixed-media and journal pieces that I get from looking at Sabrina Ward Harrison's work -- part inspiration, part recognition. I see a lot in other people's art that I have not yet figured out how to incorporate into my own. But I'm glad to hear you're working harder at it -- I'd love to hear how the application of discipline helps (or doesn't!) your work. Thanks for sharing these images.
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