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That was odd...

I woke up late, very late. It's rainy and grey and I was up too late anyhow. The doorbell rang shortly after I woke up, and it was my friend Archie looking kind of tense and upset. There was a police car parked in the bus stop behind him, so I said "Oh gee Archie, are the police dropping you off again?" and he said "Shut up. you, Give us a hug, come on now." all seriously and so I hugged him, and he said "I had a dream that you died, a horrible dream, I was bawling."

He said that he spent the whole dream trying to get to my house, and that everyone was around, everyone I know, and they were all really sad and upset. I was in the corner of the room just sort of watching everyone, and aside from my friends, there were a lot of "yuppies in sundresses" who apparently couldn't see me. Only my friends could see me, and they kept hugging me. He said he thought that the other people must have thought it strange that they were all hugging thin air.

The more he described his feelings, the more it reminded me of all of the things that ran through my head after my mother died, and then he said "Yeah, it was weird, it was like you'd died the same way as your mom, a heart attack." and then he had to leave.


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