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Two nights ago, I couldn't sleep. Nor can I sleep tonight. I toss and I turn and I stress and I fret. Tonight, I get up, drink water, sit down, pace the room, lie down again, read a magazine from top to bottom (Giant Robot!!), almost fall asleep but curiously wind up waking up WIDE AWAKE after turning off the light, lie there staring at darkness until I give up and come turn on my wonky little computor.

Two nights ago I had a book to occupy me, The Power Book by Jeanette Winterson, bought on a whim. I almost never do this but - I read the entire book, devoured it, cover to cover and wound up screwing my schedule by going to sleep well past dawn. I'd absolutely forgotten that she wrote Sexing the Cherry, which I liked a lot, and now I'm wishing I had a similar book to latch on to.

I can't come up with adequate words to define my anxiety.