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Ready Steady

So, random things lately. I watched a lot of movies yesterday, all documentaries, sort of by accident. My friend Archie recently started work at a pretty cool video store, Lost Weekend and he's been bringing strange films over to watch. Yesterday we started out with a great documentary about Bible salesmen called The Salesman (go figure), which is oddly compelling. Then we moved on to another documentary, the Chicken Ranch, all about the infamous legal brothel in Nevada. It's all creepy and late 70's/early 80's, but again, compelling. Archie took off after that was over, and left me the Richard Kern dvd to scare my housemates with for a while. After an hour or so of that, I got bored. Then Caitlyn came home with, which was painful to watch, but very good.

While I was watching all that nonsense, I got a call from a really strange, difficult woman who was in a writer's group with my mother, and she said that my mother's spirit had called her and told her to call me to see how I was doing. Um.

Today I get to go pick up my mother's ashes.

I just realized how not grown up I am as I just ate a handful of gummy worms for breakfast.

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