caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

muh weird

I had a really stressful weird dream about borrowing miragination's camera at some kind of gallery/nightclub event, and then inadvertantly breaking it repeatedly. I was fumbling with it a lot because it was so miniaturized as to be totally incomprehensible, and it kept slipping out of my hands. When I tried to explain myself, I would keep dropping it and more and more people were getting angry and semi-violent with me until eventually I was screaming to try to be heard over the din, "NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! LISTEN! I'M NOT CRUEL!" over and over, and then I woke myself up with my mumbly stifled screaming.

How fucking textbook insecure was that shit?

Then I went back to sleep, but someone called my celly and I couldn't get to it in time. What the fuck is up with these "Private" numbers? I can't call anyone back on my cel anyway, until I can pay mah bill. I'm a tragic baby without my sweet, sweet cellular telephone.

Now i'm petting a sassy cat and going back to bed for a while.

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