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obligatory drunken post

I found a ride to Mountain View and the wonders of Adrenochrome through the very thoughtful use of their ridesharing message board, hooray! Tonight being the big Santa Cruz invasion-slash-Scorpio appreciation night... I really had to be there on both counts.

My ride was this totally nice decent oldschool industrialgoth guy evinced, and we had fun talking about the 80's and all that crap. Always good to make new friends. Yay for that!

Hm. I'm awfully coherent considering all the goddamn liquor I poured in to myself throughout the night, but I danced hard, and the music was frequently brilliant. To round out the entire evening I got mighty surly, and then my old SC friend Dave whipped out his scary Kung Fu moves on me (after I goaded him to do so) and really started kicking my weak ass. Ow.

Then I had a bacon cheeseburger and chowed on the ride home. Nice. And I have some sun chips.

Adrenochrome gets my bigassed thumbs-up, and i'm too much of a drunken whatever to name all the many LJ faces who were in effect. Some sadly missed: mopmonster and riversprite and kalidream. Naming them is easier than naming the many who were in attendance, and alla youse know how much you RULE. Yuh. You rock the potato. It's the booze talking, i'm sure, but I love you all in a sloppy tongue-kissing kind of way. Or maybe not so much.

Dancing, by the way? Very fun. Even when clumsily stumbling around and feeling foolish.

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