caffeinatrix (caffeina) wrote,

appraise THIS

Well, i'm stealing time off of one of my poor muddleheaded tenant's computermachines to update - The weight of the anticipated home appraisal has been lifted. The woman who showed up was a flaky, sympathetic old hippy and she had leftist pro-labor political rants and wanted to talk about mourning and age and whatever, so hopefully she'll look kindly upon my lot and give me a phat massive appraisal amount to make for a phat massive home refi loan. Muh.

My back still hurts, but I'm in pretty good (loopy from sleep deprivation) spirits, maybe probably not going to dancy DG land tonight, but only because uh I got almost no sleep and ache and whimper whine. So whee.

I need to pay my cel bill so I can waste time pestering peeps on the train and bus agh!

A crazy homeless woman sat across from me and asked, first thing, if I thought these were the end times, and our brief, disjointed conversation ended with her asking the question "So what's up with the STATEMENT, the purple hair, you know, the statement." and I didn't answer her amusingly enough and she pffed and took off to sit in another car. Hahaha! I scare off homeless crazyfucks.

Phooey, also, halloween weekend photos will be posted soon.

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