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Vote for ME not THEM

I went and did my civic duty and voted on the whole MUD thing. Voting in the presidential elections is always so much more exciting, voter turnout for yesterday's was very low. The women who were working the polls kind of didn't know what they were doing and they were fighting and arguing, which kind of seemed blasphemous to me - although the whole point of politics is arguing, I guess. Anyhow, I voted, and I voted well, and I felt that little voter high and then I went down to the Embarcardero to see Waking Life. I really liked it. It reminded me of Slacker, all these little vignettes loosely tied together, thinkers thinking, talkers talking. Imminently quotable.

Almost as if prompted by seeing the film, I had very interesting dreams last night. There was a circus troupe milling around on a sidewalk outside of a theatre, full of people I know or used to know, and they were all drunk, but they were preparing to perform. There was one woman who was really roly poly and smiling and bubbly and she never stopped moving, she was wearing this tiny little tutu and a little shabby bustier thing struggling to reign in her enormous breasts, which were popping out all over the place. In the street a firetruck was turned on its side, and she hopped on to the ladder as it extended, horizontally. It was all part of her act, or something, and she kept hopping up and hollering "TA-DAAAAAA" and one of her tits would leap out of her tiny outfit and she would blush and run around some more. I waited around, watching people arrive, and friends kept showing up and we all wandered off. We went to a house, my house, which was on the top of a hill, a huge place. My room was totally trashed, almost empty, and I was searching around for things, packing up a few belongings and saying "Do you want to go to Seattle, or Portland?" and getting ready to ride there on to a motorcycle. Somehow this led to a huge group of us all hiking through a big cemetery in the Presidio, and I was asking my friend "Where did you scatter her?" meaning my mother's ashes. We crested a hill and were confronted by this breathtaking view of the bay and mountains, it was very warm, and bright, and it all looked very Maxfield Parrish. We stopped and stood and stared in awe and my friend said "Here. This is where we scattered her." I was filled with a sort of peace and gratitude.

I was talking to Caitlyn last night about lucid dreaming, which is something she's really big on, and I found myself thinking that I would like to have a lucid dream while I was having a regular non-lucid dream. I kept trying to get back to sleep to give it a shot, but it didn't happen. Interesting, though, because I've never been curious about it before. Seems like dreams are weird and amazing little windows on your psyche as it is, and trying to interact with them seems like so much work. I don't know. Maybe I'll do it some night.

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