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caffeina gibt ene Nachricht

well i'm drinky and dehydrated, but surly+chipper, which makes me FUNNY.

I love my new Gallery, it's made my tiny life complete.


by the way, Caitlyn hunny, come back to America. I miss you.

    Kaffeinatrix: :D that is so GOTH, naming yrself after poe
    [pippilina]Cobweb: zio did it tho :)
    Kaffeinatrix: i'm LENORE
    you bitch
    Kaffeinatrix: FUCK ME WITH A RAVEN
    Cobweb: zio the goth
    Kaffeinatrix: QUOTH NEVERMO
    Cobweb: there are maneey ravens here
    Kaffeinatrix: MO'
    Kaffeinatrix: here toop
    Kaffeinatrix: too
    Cobweb: i like em
    Cobweb: sassy ones
    Kaffeinatrix: i will slice your belly open so i can have your dinner
    Kaffeinatrix: don't fuck with me
    Kaffeinatrix: i need a smoke
    Kaffeinatrix: it's chilly!
    Cobweb: whenever u type amessage, messenger says "kaffeinatrix gibt ene Nachricht"
    Cobweb: kraut messenger
    Kaffeinatrix: gibt ene Nachricht!
    Kaffeinatrix: wuzzat mean
    Cobweb: kamio's giving a message, sorta
    Kaffeinatrix: mmmm no a MASSAGE, with RELEASE
    Cobweb: nachricht also is the word for news, like cnn
    Cobweb: kamio gibts eine erotik massage
    Kaffeinatrix: mkmmm hmm

So, yeah. goodnight, and good morning. Big european-style sloppy cheek kisses to you.

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