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Hahaha, me and rabbitron are teh B3St

Went over to try to cheer up poor, snaggletoothy djdigit, and boy did the dentist do a number on him! Poor thing. I did bring him glowy things, tea and hugs though, so yeah I am ultra-sympathetic nursegirl, I guess. He was all discombobulated and sweet tho. Yay. Man, this egg sandwich thing i'm eating is nasty. Should have gone with my first choice, the Say No To Drugs burrito.

My mood is better, I got some good news and sent off some resumes. Bought a comic book. Hung out with dj didgie! Can't complain, nosiree! Not sure yet about goin' out dancing. It's all cold and drizzly tonight, which makes me want to curl up warmly in cozy flannel things, not strappy shiny clanky corsetty things. Hmm.

Except... Why the hell did my tenant feel the need to send me this?

in addition,
total readgasm... nuff said

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Oct. 5th, 2003 11:21 am (UTC)
hey, ive had u added for awhile. u either havent noticed or dont care, let me know if u wnat me to take u off. ok? ur little bio info just inspired me a little. the thing about regrets, i was just in the right frame of mind for it to click. glad it did, just hope it sticks now. well, peace