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Absent for over a week!

So, to recap: my birthday was last Wednesday, which was sort of low-key but drunken and fun. A bunch of waiters brought out a cake, banged on drums and gongs and sang Happy Birthday to me in Chinese as I blew out a candle, which was very cool. We went for drinks at the Tonga Room and stayed through two rounds of freakishly fruity rum-based girly drinks and two artificial "rainstorms". I had the better portion of a not-very-tasty Lava Bowl for FOUR and a much tastier TEMATANGI UBANGI.

We were going to ride up in the glass elevator to check out the view, but it was closed off for some reason, so instead we stumbled and bumbled through the streets, down the hill from the Fairmont to the seedy, tawdry, fantastic Li Po bar in Chinatown. More folks met us there, and many more drinks were consumed. I haven't been much of a drinker lately, and i'd forgotten how fun it was to go bar hopping and get loopy and belligerent. After I was good and sauced, I decided that I needed something starchy to soak up the white russians and rum, so we stumbled down to the infamous Sam Wo's and hiked up the stairs to the top floor, where there was a huge group of frat boys eating, smoking pot and drinking their way through multiple 12 packs of cheap crappy beer. My housemate asked them for a beer, which I thought was a fairly bold move. We all ate ricey noodly starchy food for a little while, drew pictures on the backs of the pads of laundry tickets laying around and decided we should all go head down to Ye Olde Lusty Lady Peep Show.

I'd never been to a peep show, and I was curious about it, having just seen the Live Nude Girls Unite! documentary, all about how the dancers there got fed up with unfair management and successfully unionized. Coincidentally, the union they're part of is SEIU, the same union my Mom was active in. Anyhow, the peepshow was red. Very red. Like walking in to a closet, and peering in to a brightly lit, mirrored fishtank full of bored, beautiful, mean looking hipster girls apathetically fingering themselves and peeking in to the windows to get a look at the voyeurs. I felt I didn't belong, and I felt a little ashamed for going in just to see what it's like. After a couple of my cohorts chickened out, I checked out one of the much scarier Video Booths, and avoided touching ANYTHING with my skin. I was amazed at the huge variety of perversion available to the viewer in this booth, there were upwards of 100 different video channels to choose from, representing nearly every common male fetish. Boy howdy! One side note, never ever shine a flashlight around the room at the walls and floor of one of these booths. You just don't want to know. After we left the peepshow, we went to the incongruously named Happy Donut shop (map) and had more starch before heading home to collapse and drink water.

So, that was my nutty birthday. It wasn't awful or anything. A few of my favorite people were missing from the equation, but I didn't make a huge effort to make a big deal about my birthfday this year so I figure that's my own damned fault. Nyeh.

I wrote an awful lot just about that one night, wow! I think i'll write more later about the other stuff that's happened in the past week.

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