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So, technically it's my birthday...

Which would make me 29, and so far it looks like this birthday will be a vast improvement over last year, but it's still going to be kind of eh. Joel came by with biscuits and gave me a really strange present, a Homer Simpson Cube Head Rubik's cube thing. WEEIRD.

I bought a cute tiny little cel phone doodad off of a friend today for $20 (a Motorola v8160, for those who care) and I spent a while putting phone numbers in to it and dicking around with the features. I am becoming a yuppie land-owning scumlord.

The big birthday plans, which are still sort of up in the air: A dinner somewhere, with friends, high up in a building somewhere. I don't know which building yet. I would really prefer a rotating restaurant, but I might have to accept an old-fangled stationary restaurant, damnit. After that, we're all going to repair to THE FABULOUS TONGA ROOM for giant fruity intimidating rum-based drinks, a la Microserfs. And we'll get drunk/surly, and act like drunken conventioneers.

We'll see how it goes. I was also thinking of going to SFMOMA but that might be kind of a lot for one day.

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